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Turning Complex Technologies into Convincing Business Strategies.

In today’s business world, where companies increasingly rely on the successful implementation of highly complex technologies, due diligence reviewing the core technology of an opportunity is crucial in meeting ROI targets.

At Accdon, we offer expert tech consultancy services dedicated to identifying and assessing the key risks related to technology, and how those risks may impact on the efficiency of your business operation and effectiveness of your commercial strategy.

Our focus is on helping business decision-makers understand what is unique, especially in the technologies of the company under evaluation and the value customers see in those technologies.

Among the areas we commonly assess are the:

  • Risk that the technology is not competitive.
  • Its product development and design review roadmap.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Risk that the technology is not effectively scale or transfer.
  • Review of the total quality management system and suitability for the target market.

With a talented team of technical and business-savvy individuals, Accdon is able to provide in-depth assessment, metric definition, and contingency development on technologies in the context of the modern business.
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