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At Accdon, we understand that quality is a key concern for publishers. But it’s not just the quality of the information contained in an article or research paper that matters; it’s also the quality of the language it’s written in.

As a leading provider of expert editing and formatting services, we have already helped tens of thousands of authors successfully prepare their manuscripts to the standards expected by leading publications.

We also offer our expertise to publishers to help them achieve their publication goals more quickly and more cost-efficiently than they might otherwise do. We already enjoy partnerships with some of the highest-regarded peer-reviewed journals, as well as leading research institutes and universities around the world.

Publishers benefit from partnerships with Accdon by accessing our editorial resources, including:

Editorial Support Services

Full Author Support – We provide full support to our partners’ own authors, with everything from language editing to formatting obligations handled. Authors can be directed from your designated webpage or email to our services via a web link, from where they can access the particular service they need. Through this option, our partners are able to streamline their own operation, enhancing efficiency while not compromising on quality.

Language Editing – We provide language editing services that help manuscripts meet the high standards demanded by the scientific publishing community. In doing so, our partners benefit with the certainty that submitted manuscripts satisfy their own journalistic standards. This includes addressing specific weaknesses of non-native English speakers, who may make poor word and phrase choices and have poor language structure.

Academic Translation – For publishers with non-English speaking authors, we provide translation services directly from original languages into publish-ready English. Manuscripts are translated only by subject-matter experts with article writing experience to ensure the highest editorial standards are achieved before the work is returned.

Publisher Support Services

A Seasoned Professional Team – Our U.S.-based editing team comprises hundreds of experienced editors from a wide variety of academic fields. All are native English speakers who have considerable experience in editing scientific and technical papers, ensuring that all of our partners gain editors that understand their perspective and can deliver on time and to standard.

Technical Screening – With experience as reviewers themselves, our editors already have an insider view of both the subjects manuscripts cover and standards publishers expect. As a result, they are ideally positioned to provide a detailed initial screening of any manuscripts, addressing grammatical and formatting issues before being submitted to you, delivering that service quickly and efficiently.

High-Volume Projects – Because of the large number of qualified editors at our disposal, and the scope of the expertise they have, Accdon is able to handle high-volume workflows without any risk to quality. Our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver even the largest projects efficiently and on time, removing the possibility of backlogs and reducing time-to-publication rates.

Author Education Services

Author Workshops – We can improve your authors’ understanding of the publication process through a series of interactive workshops. Participants can be instructed in a range of aspects, from tips for better manuscript preparation and good publication practices to awareness of public ethics and sensitivity in scientific reporting. Workshop material can also be tailored to suit any specific needs your authors may have.

Online Seminars – Through specialist online seminars, authors and publishers can come together and interact in real time. In doing so, they help create a wider network, build stronger relationships and develop a clearer understanding of the needs of both ends of the publication spectrum. Accdon can facilitate specially arranged or regularly scheduled seminars.

Customize Your Partnership With Us

Accdon is always happy to discuss customized partnerships with publishers, designed to meet their unique needs. That way, our partners can further enhance the efficiency of their editorial procedures, as well as the quality of the manuscripts they receive to publish. Speak to us about your specific needs, to learn what we can do for you.

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