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About Us

Research uncovers important medical and scientific discoveries every day – but communicating these discoveries with the world can prove to be a significant challenge. In many cases, the reason a publisher opts not to publish a submitted research paper has nothing to do with the accuracy of the work scientifically but the level of English and quality of content formatting it is delivered in.

At Accdon, we believe that great research deserves to be known about. Founded in 2010, we offer expert editing and translation services to hard working research professionals to increase the likelihood of their research being published and the world learning about their breakthroughs.

Using the knowledge, experience and insight of only recognized experts in specific academic and pharmaceutical fields, we have already handled more than 29,000 research papers and manuscripts, helping authors meet the required publishable standards of the world’s most highly regarded scientific publishers. This commitment has lead to partnerships with several of these publishers, as well as research institutions, and the provision of our team’s editorial and review skills to help them meet their own publishing goals more efficiently.

Challenges are not exclusive to researchers, however. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face their own difficulties when looking to develop the commercial potential of innovations, not least in satisfying the critical areas of regulatory compliance. With a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals at our disposal, Accdon has an unrivalled knowledge of the highly regulated clinical development environment. This allows us to prepare a range of documentation in perfect adherence to regional regulations and ICH guidelines, and to create clinical trial and regulatory documentation to submit to regulatory authorities, including the FDA and EMA.

Meanwhile, through our dedicated Tech Consultancy service, we provide dedicated in-depth due diligence reviewing expertise. In doing so, we have helped individual investors and investment companies alike ascertain more accurately the potential value and risks associated with new, complex technologies they may wish to invest in. As a result, they are in a stronger position to make the right decision as part of realistic business strategies.

Who We Are

At Accdon, we know it’s not enough to simply promise high quality services; we have to deliver them too. Since 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to building teams of personnel that can deliver, and in the process have made quality and reliability very much part of who we are.

Services for Researchers and Publishers

Our Language Editors are native English speaking specialists in their respective fields, with long-term experience in editing scientific and technical papers. We draw from a pool of hundreds of highly qualified professionals with firsthand knowledge of the strict demands publishing reviewers insist upon.

Our Subject-expert Editors are seasoned researchers in specific scientific fields who can offer insider views to strengthen the overall quality of research papers. With established track records of their own, they are perfectly positioned to offer the most constructive critiques relating to language, structure and presentation.

Our Professional Translators hold advanced degrees or substantial research trainings from elite US universities, allowing them to translate the work of non-English speaking international researchers accurately and elegantly.

Services for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies

Our medical writers, editors, translators, and project managers are highly qualified in their respective field, boasting advanced medical and scientific degrees, research training, and industry experience. With an intricate knowledge of the clinical development sector, they prepare detailed reports based on evidence and clinical relevance, and in accordance with regional regulations and ICH guidelines. They are accredited by several of the most significant bodies, including the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS), and the International Society for Medical Publication
Professionals (ISMPP). Multinational documents are translated by true bilinguals, with editorial support provided by native speakers in the respective countries. They also create clinical trial and regulatory documentation that is ready for submission to regulatory authorities (like FDA and EMA).

Tech Consulting Services

The challenge of carrying out due diligence reviewing can be daunting. We have years of experience in due diligence consulting, with hands-on in execution know-how that shortens the time to achieve set targets. Through solid methodologies, deep analysis and out-of-the-box thinking, we are best position to identify available opportunities and to help clients achieve their objectives. We also provide detailed business plans and prospectuses that facilitate individual and VCinvestments, and institutional funding that are based on objective and thorough investment advice, as well as technical, market and competitive due diligence.

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